Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My new favorite website

Calling all online shoppers of all things random! I have to tell you about my new favorite website. It combines two of the biggest parts of my life - breast cancer and shopping.

On the website, you can create your own "gal"- hair and eye color, what she's wearing, her accessories, and things that she carries. Then you can save your gal and use it in e-cards or printed stuff. You can order notecards, stationary, return address labels, invites, anything! It's super cute! Plus, it gives money to its own foundation for Stage IV Breast Cancer programs. With all the talk about prevention and catching things early, I sometimes wonder if these women with very special needs sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Not here!

Here is a gal I did for fun:

First of all, please note her wonder woman outfit. Completely appropriate for a day out. She has short brown hair and big earrings. I'm learning big earrings are the secret to rocking the short hair. She has 3 dogs (I couldn't get dogs that look like bears) in one hand, a martini shaker in the other. Really, what else do you need?

So design something fun, buy a gift, anything... and know you're supporting an awesome cause.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,
I googled breast cancer blog and found your site. It made for fascinating reading - a lot of parallels in our lives recently. I was diagnosed with stage 2a triple negative, node negative breast CA last July at age 34, 2 months after moving from Madison, WI to San Diego. I lived in Madison for less than a year and before that lived in Chicago (I went to U of C undergrad and UIC for grad school) for about 15 years. I've been married for 2 years. We were working having kids, too, when I was diagnosed. We also did a round of IVF - 32 eggs, 17 frozen embryos.

My last chemo is coming up next week. Then I'm in for another surgery (1st surgery had DCIS at one margin) before radiation.

I guess, I just want to say, thanks for the blog. It's hard to find other young women with similar experiences, so it's really therapeutic to read what you have to say.

All the best to you,