Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why, oh why do I open my big mouth?

I know, I know... it's a question you've been asking yourself now for years.
Even in grade school, when I got straight A's in subjects such as spelling and handwriting, I got 2s and 3s (scale of 1-4) on effort and conduct.
In short, I'm a slacker with a big mouth. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
So what's the most recent incident? Well, when I was at the YSC conference, someone was talking about the Tour de Pink, a 200 mile bike ride from Hershey, PA to New York City. It's the Young Survival Coalition's annual event to raise funds and awareness for young women with breast cancer. Sounds cool, I said. Wow - 200 miles.
Shit, I'll do it! Sign me up.
Never mind the fact I haven't been on a bike since I got my driver's license. Or that I'm not in great shape. Or that I have a serious problem with full body spandex, for charity or otherwise. Sure, let's do it.
So I'm going to ride 200 miles on a bike. Over "rolling hills." In cycling shorts.
I'm a fucking moron. Seriously. I should have jumped from another plan if I wanted to prove anything else.
Thankfully, I'm not the only one. I'll be one of 150 riders. Two of which will be my husband and my father. I know, a collective sigh of cuteness for my daddy riding with me. My dad's into cycling. He'll be fine. Alan has a bike we bought when we first moved back to the states.
He's ridden it 4 times in 4 years.
But Alan's super excited. I think it's just an excuse for more toys. Shoes and clippy things and jerseys, oh my!
So Alan and I recently went out and purchased two road bikes They are much fancier than my schwinn 10-speed. We bought them on the one day it snowed in Atlanta. And Alan insisted that we put on hats and gloves and ride in freezing cold.
Great. This will be so fun.
Will there be drinks at this thing?

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