Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hair on my keyboard

As I was finishing my recent script this evening, I noticed- not for the first time this week either- that little shaved hairs were literally falling out of my head onto my keyboard. Seriously, like manna from heaven. Only my skull is definitely not the promised land. Now, I can only begin to describe to you how distracting this is. It goes something like this.

(Act One, Scene Three. Yada yada soap opera place. Some characters. Open on one character, blasey blasey skip.)
Character #1- I love you.
Character #2- I love you. It doesn't matter that you faked your death/stole my baby/raped my sister. Our love is for-

WAIT. IS THAT HAIR ON MY HANDS? Huh? Hair on my keyboard. (dusting off hair) Wow- that really sucks. Shit, how much hair am I losing anyway? (tugging at tiny little hairs on head. Getting a few in between fingers) Wow- my real hair really isn't blonde, is it? Hmm... (Getting up to look at head in mirror) My God, seriously. Mystic tan on that pasty skull. My tummy feels funny. Maybe I should get a snack. (Looking in fridge) Hmmm... starches. Must eat starches. Dammit, all I see are apples. Man, my head itches. (Rubbing head) Huh- I must have some crazy mole right in the middle of the back of my head. Feels funny. (Sitting back down at computer. Blowing off random hairs) Seriously, okay- where was I? Oh yeah,

Our love will last forever. Until the trial when you're sentenced to death.

That's pretty much been the last couple of days. Hard to concentrate when the sky is raining hair on your keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney & Alan
First of all apologies for not contacting you sooner although Mum & Dad have kept us informed. It is obviously a terrible time for you although with a new house & job for Alan there is something to concentrate on and aim for. I think this site is amazing and the comments you make enlightening,brave and particularly helpful to others in a similar situation.
We are just of on holiday but will continue to access the site when we return. Take care, you are in our thoughts.
Love from Dave & Sue

Anonymous said...

It's amazing just how many hairs there are on the human head, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about you. I hope you are ok.