Sunday, March 02, 2008

Benign Neglect

If you talk to my little brother, the youngest of 4, he'll tell you he suffered from benign neglect. By the time he rolled along, my parents were too tired and too busy to pay as much attention to him. He'll tell you that's not always a bad thing. He got away with a whole lot more.

Some of you have been asking me for more pictures! Well, here's some pictures of our little case of benign neglect... Rugby. As opposed to the other dogs, our picture taking has gone from zillions with Kylie, our first, to just a few of Rugby. I think we went about 6 months without nary a candid. But anyway, he's turning into quite the nice dog. He's about 9 months old here.

Yes, he sits on the couch. Kind of like a person. He's not really into boundaries.

The oldest and the baby... he's bigger than Kylie already.

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