Friday, February 24, 2006

I'd like a 50 cent beer and some cancer, please.

Did you know that by the time Maria my tumor got to the size I could feel, I've had cancer for anywhere from 7-10 years (depending on the source you read)?

Wowsers- that's a long time. Yep, breast cancer grows silently, not unlike those extra 10 pounds. So while I was a young lass, kicking it to the Backstreet Boys at some frat party, drinking cheap beer- wait, I just realized the absurdity of boy bands at a frat party- insert booty call music here- I totally had cancer. And nix the beer, the only time I could drink that stuff was upside down in a keg stand. I was more of a mixed drink kind of girl. Do you think my tumor likes amaretto or malibu rum better?


Chris said...

I think Maria shoots tequila.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Maria's been 'round these here parts, per se, for 10 years, then I definitely agree with Chris that Maria shoots tequilla -- preferably out of a scotch tumbler just before she stumbles down the street to Circles for a couple pitchers of margharitas. I'm just sayin'.