Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Look Mom, I'm famous!

Top 10 Sources for Breast-Cancer

So if you read the comments to my blog (yeah, I know, you've got things to do- "Lost" is on tonight.) you'll see I got one from this website, naming my blog as one of the Top Ten Sources on breast cancer. There's a link to other blogs, etc., etc. and I am on it. What does one have to do to be a part of this illustrious list, you ask? Not a damn clue. Apparently, I am "touching and informative."

The website is pretty cool- tons of different subjects, lots of opinions and information. There are some other breast cancer blogs that are pretty great. (Not as great as mine, of course, but hell, we all have crosses to bear.)

So thank you, Top Ten Sources. It's cool to be recognized. It's cool that what I'm doing here is helpful to others. It's cool that anyone is reading it at all.

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Anonymous said...

You ARE touching and informative. I just went through some drama after having a baseline mammogram and a radiologist who could freeze hotlanta all by her lonesome with a look. She scared the pee out of me.

I came back and reread some of your earlier posts, and they helped!

I just wanted to make sure you know that your writing does help some of us girls...even if we aren't as hot as you.