Thursday, May 25, 2006

Puke and Rally

When you don't see posts regularly on this thing, it is for one of two reasons:
a. I feel too shitty to be witty. (Wow- was that good or what?)
b. I am in Hotlanta, covered in paint.

The last week has seen both of these. We drove down last Thursday. I worked, Alan painted. Alan is very good at all things home related. I think I'll keep him.

It's funny. Every chemo cycle it takes another day longer to get back to normal. So I guess it's not funny ha-ha, more like funny that sucks. My first cycle I was good to go by about Tuesday the next week. The second one was Wednesday. In fact, we drove down to close on the house the week after chemo and I was good to go.

Not so this last week. I was still feeling crappy a week after. We drove down, again on a Thursday. Alan drove and I tried to get comfortable in the passenger side. Sometimes this was harder than others. For example, Harry, our Newfoundland, likes to rest his head (it's very heavy, you see) on the headrest above me and pant. His hot, stinky dog breath feels very weird on my bald head. I tried to sleep past the 400 foot cross and the signs that said, "Hell is real". I love the South. No such luck. At one point, I felt like I might die. It came over me like a wave. I guess that's why they call it waves of nausea, huh? I thought I might pass out. I was hyperventilating. I was whiter than my usual pasty shade. We stopped so I could die for a moment. No help. We soldiered on. Alan asked what he could do. I told him get me there ASAP. He drove while I cried. I felt so shitty. Only during cancer have I felt so bad physically that I cry. Usually it's just over Dawson's Creek. Or the 90210 where Dylan's brand new wife (the one with all the hair) gets shot. He cries in her wedding dress. I cry. I digress...

Anyway, we stop at a McDonalds to allow our doggies a little pee time and I proceed to puke all over their bushes. And all over my $2.99 Old Navy Flip Flops. Felt a little like high school. Funny thing, though- I felt so much better. Really- should have shoved my finger down my throat 2 hours ago. I felt so good I had some food.

Puke and Rally, baby.

So, I have officially been sick. Today I have my final chemo of this type- the dreaded A/C. Can't wait to see what this cycle brings.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, sorry to hear about the flip flops. Maybe you can take them back to Old Navy and tell them that they broke. And got puked on. Whatever, show them your bald dome and they'll give you whatever you want.