Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Backing it up with Dr. Susan Love

If you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, one of the first books that someone will recommend is Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book. "It's the Breast Cancer Bible," I was told. So of course, a day after I was diagnosed, I run my little cancer ridden ass out to buy it. And read it from cover to cover. Take notes, turn down pages, freak the fuck out. As do thousands of other women.

I recently met Dr. Love. She's one of the top researchers on breast cancer and women's heath. Like Mr. Smith, I too went to Washington. I was at National Breast Cancer Coalition's Advocacy training conference D.C. recently. This was my second BC conference this year. Aren't I the little joiner?

The conference was awesome. I learned a lot. This organization is the largest breast cancer lobbying organizations on Washington. The conference was a great combination of science, politics and kicking ass. I very much enjoy kicking ass. It was a weekend of action culminating with a day spent on Capital Hill lobbying our congressmen. That was pretty fierce.

Presenting an award to a congressional staffer.

What did we lobby for? Funding for a Department of Defense program that gives research grants. Funding for research on breast cancer and the environment. Health care for all. Fortunately and unfortunately, I lobbied 3 liberal democrats (the perks of living in a very blue part of a red state) who had already signed on to these. Why is this bad, you ask? Well, I wanted to crack some skulls. Show some old rich white man my scars and my short hair. Make him dare to ignore me. But I didn't get to. There's always next time.

I've begun my road to being an advocate. I'm not sure if this is the direction my "giving back" will lead. I have volunteered for other survivor support programs. But this was so valuable and empowering. While there, I did come up with a brilliant idea to be shared soon. I do know I will attend this conference again. And I will send money. And encourage others to. The research money that NBCC fights for has enabled discoveries that save lives. Drugs like herceptin were discovered though the Department of Defense program. It is a group I am very proud to be affiliated with.

So please, join the NBCC. go to the website. Become a member. Donate some cash. Be a part of the thousands of people fighting for health care and research.

What does this have to do with Dr. Susan Love? Well, there was a party. With dancing. I vowed that I would "back it up" with a very famous author and head of her own foundation. As I spoke to her, I asked if she should sign my tits or my book. She laughed and said "As long as this doesn't end up on YouTube."

Tee hee.

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