Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Touch yourself up

Last week Atlanta's CBS affiliate ran a story on me and young women with breast cancer. It was pretty fun to shoot. They came and set up chairs in my backyard, like I was important or something. The story is pretty well done, and I don't sound too stupid. I learned the following things:

1. It's very hard for me me talk for any length without saying something inappropriate or swearing

2. Damn, I've gotten chubby. They rolled in all these "before" pictures and wow- time to get my ass to the gym!

3. When asked what young women should do, my answer was "touch yourself up. get your partner to help." I was very afraid this might be the soundbite. Thankfully, no. Best in print only.

So check me out.

Young Breast Cancer Survivor Raises Awareness

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