Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh- we're halfway there!

Sing with me now - "Oh-oh! Livin' on a prayer..."

Anyway, I'm halfway through chemo. Sweet ass. And I am officially done with the a/c chemo. Thank fucking God. It sucked. I mean, su-ucked. If I had to do 4 more cycles of it I think I would gouge out my insides with the packing tape dispenser I currently wield. It would feel better. I'm over the hump, I think. Funny how optimistic I was about chemo before it actually started. Chemo blows. I'm very very thankful I will be switching to Taxol next week. Apparently Taxol is a breeze compared to A/C. Although who knows, I got breast cancer under 30 so I don't really hold a lot of stock in people's predictions. I was looking back on a couple of posts, and I found the one that listed all the side effects. It made me laugh out loud. My brazen screw you to side effects. How 8 weeks can change a girl.

Nausea- check. And just because the drugs keep you from puking doesn't mean you don't feel like you will at any moment.

Low blood counts- check. Sure, I got the expensive shot. The same shot's side effect of "bone pain" turned out to be almost as bad as the chemo itself.

Mouth sores- check. I currently have two cold sore like things on the corners of my mouth (think paper cuts) They've been there for about 3 weeks now. Also, about a week after chemo, it feels like I've burned the roof of my mouth.

Hair loss- check. Haven't shaved my armpits or my legs in two months. Membership has its privileges.

Fertility problems- check. Hot flashes, moodiness. I hadn't had my period since I started chemo. Although it's recently arrived. 60-some days later. TMI? Please, I've been talking about my tits and my ovaries for months. This is actually cause to celebrate. Menopause is my greatest fear. I haven't been so exited to get my period since I was in college.

Fatigue- check. Try not wanting to get out of bed.

Poor appetite- check and uncheck. Things taste funny. I only ate carbs and starches for 4 days straight. However, the steroids make sure I'm good and fat.

Discoloration of the skin or nails- hmm. No. In fact, my nails look fucking great.

"Digestive" Problems- check. Wow, I had no idea that my body good do such amazing things. When I was diagnosed, my friend Dave gave me a chemo care package with ex-lax, metamucil, beano, pepcid, mylanta, tums. I have used them all. Every day.

So, looking back, I've gotten the full buffet. Lucky me. (Raising glass) Here's hoping the next rounds are better!

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