Sunday, June 18, 2006


You know that scene from "Old School"... The one where Frank "the Tank", Diet Pepsi in hand, refuses the beer bong at the party? When asked why, he says something to the effect of:

"We have a nice little Saturday planned. We're going to Home Depot. Maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond. We'll see if we have time. Big day tomorrow."

Yep, that is now my life. Yesterday we went to the outlet mall. The nice one- Pottery Barn, Willams-Sonoma and Restoration Hardware. All my suburban, I live in a cookie cutter house in a subdivision, heart could desire. And I desired. The end result- you're looking at it here. My current favorite home purchase. Why, you say? First and foremost, it has stripes everywhere. Many are aware of my longtime stripe obsession. If Maria, my tumor was striped, I'd probably want to keep her too. Secondly, being as we currently have no kitchen or dining room table, it now allows us to actually sit while eating. No more copping a squat on the carpet/concrete/grass for us. Alan has been grilling about 5 out of 6 nights (ARG ARG, FIRE FIRE!) so this is nice for us. I woke up this morning to find Alan reading the paper outside, drinking a cup of coffee, while my puppies played. A Pottery Barn suburban life has its perks. Almost makes you forget you have cancer.



Anonymous said...

VERY nice selection. I like the contrast of the stripes against the color of the back of your house.

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiice stripes. Love it. Make sure Alan doesn't burn dinner. I think burnt stuff is loaded with carcinogens. You've had enough cancer for a while.


Chris said...

Is there a commandment about coveting your best friend's patio furniture?

Anonymous said...

Post-incarceration Martha would be so proud. If you greet Allen at the door donning pearls and freshly baked cookies, you'll be the envy of Stepford wives everywhere! :)

Seriously... I really dig the patio furniture. We have to create our patio before we can acquire said furniture.