Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wow, honey- check this out!

It's a couple days post surgery and I have to say- I'm doing much better than I (or anyone else) thought I would. Except for needing a little drug induced nappy nap here and there, it's been okay. I've actually been a little bored. Thank God there's retail therapy. The surgery itself was relatively uneventful. I had to be there at 6:30 am so I wasn't really awake for the beginning and the waiting. I wasn't awake enough to be nervous, freak out, anything. First I had radioactive isotopes injected into me so they could map my lymph node system. They told me the injections would "pinch and burn a little"- if by burning they meant injecting hot coals into my breast, sure, just a little. Then I was set up for pre-op, where a wonderful gay nurse chatted with us about living in Peoria and why he had to get out of there. That 12 year old plastic surgeon resident (okay, maybe 21, not 12) was there again. They drugged me and took me into the operating room. The operating room was very cold, and the table they operate on is seemingly much too small. That's all I remember.

I woke up freezing and was covered with blankets. In the recovery room there was a much too chatty guy who obviously didn't have his breast cut into. The some guy coded. There was altogether too much activity then. I was moved into another recovery room and my mom and Alan joined me. I went home about 2 hours later. Faster service than McDonald's drive-thru.

The best part- blue pee. Yep, think blue curacao. Or blue raspberry Kool-Aid. They injected me with blue dye to visually be able to see the lymph nodes (as if checking me with a Geiger counter isn't enough) and so here you go- I went to the bathroom in the hospital and it took all the strength I had not to open the door and yell down the hall to Alan, "Hey, honey- come here. You gotta see this." This is a much funnier visual when you see me in the hospital gown, complete with holding my own IV bag and surgery bed head. I guess when I go to chemo my pee will be red. All the colors in the rainbow. Who says cancer isn't fun?

So things are great. What's next you ask? Waiting for results. That will help me decide the next steps (what kind of chemo, do I have to go back in for surgery?) Also the next few weeks will be filled with embryo harvesting. You think blue pee is exciting- wait until you hear about my tennis ball sized ovaries.

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