Thursday, January 31, 2008

Red, red wine...

Here's a funny image. No, it's not CSI: Atlanta. No, there's no body.

What is that? You say. It's my carpet. My light neutral, cookie cutter subdivision carpet covered in red wine. A LOT of red wine. Like about 15 feet of red wine.

What you're viewing is our first attempt to save the carpet - covering the stains in salt. You know that $10 buys a SHITLOAD of salt?

Needless to say, it didn't work. Neither did professional cleaning. In fact, the carpet guys laughed when I showed them the room. Ha. Yeah, real funny. I'm pissing myself.

Just what I needed only a couple of weeks after the infamous tree incident. Oh, and did I mention I still don't have a job? Awesome.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, Alan was trying to "save money" by purchasing wine in a box. There's a family debate here at the Buglers about who left the box on the counter. We arrive home to this. And dogs who look oddly guilty. But not drunk. No, they spilled more of the wine than they drank.

Remember how I was trying to be zen about the whole "no job" thing? Well, this is a challenge, even for me. I spent the day looking at new carpet. Oh, well. Freaking great.

On the flip side, you know the Friends episode where Rachel freaks out about spilling spaghetti on Joey's carpet? "Don't worry, we're at Joey's!"

I'm having spaghetti tonight.

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