Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I'll tell you how- you kick the bitch out. Maria is being evicted Friday. Thursday night a few friends will be joining me for a going away party for Maria. Bon Voyage! You think I can wear body part paraphenalia like those sketchy girls do for bachlorette parties at bars? Instead of penis shirts and straws, tits everywhere! In case it's giving you any ideas- I'll pass, thank you. I sort of like the idea of an evening with friends, chilling out. It keeps me from focusing too much on the next day's events. I'm not freakng out yet, but who's to say what I will be thinking Thursday night. Besides, Alan and I will have tales to tell after our day at the fertility doctor. The week following surgery I will reclining in the lap of- well, something- at the Casa de Parentals. I wonder if I can get a little bell to ring and a husband, mother or father will come running? Doubt it. One of them would likely throw it at me. Come on now, I've got cancer. Be nice.

I may be out of comission for a couple of days in terms of blogging. However, you can call my cell or my parents for an update if need be. Also, Alan may be making a guest blog appearance with an update. I cannot be held accountable for his actions. I'm his wife, not his keeper.

I've been told there are co-workers, friends (Shad- that means you. What's up with your name, dude?) and families now checking this thing. Hello to you all. Thanks for making me feel popular. It's like I'm Homecoming Queen at the most fucked up school ever.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney, thank you for the 'shout out' and correct spelling of my name. And no it is NOT the past tense spelling off shit. Like, "hey, who's dog shad on the floor?
It isnt a stage name either. Its my real life name, I swear. Although I am thinking of changing my name from Shad Willingham to... wait for it... wait for it...: SHAD PITT. Not bad, huh?

Anyway enough about me and more about your cancer. I think tomorrow is going to be hugely successful. Fuck that lump anyway. I mean what the fuck, right? Cancer's a dick.

I look forward to your blogs about remission and the fact that you dont have anything else to complain about except how your new house is too big and you missed the last installment of LOST or something like that.

So break-a-leg tomorrow or whatever you say to someone when theyre going under the knife. FYI: scars are cool and boobs are over-rated.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours fondly - Shad

ps if you want to get me a job writing for AMC you wouldnt have to twist my arm, unless youre into that, in which case- twist away sick-o.