Friday, March 17, 2006

Time for a goal...

A couple of days after I was diagnosed, Alan told me he had sent away to get information to walk in the Breast Cancer 3 Day. This seemed a little unlike him to me. Maybe it was his need to do something- anything. It was his way to support me, do whatever he was able to do, fix something, whatever.

Anyway, the info came to our house and I read it and I watched the DVD and I cried. And I decided I needed a goal. Maybe it will serve as an impetus to get me out of bed one morning if I'm too tired- or go outside and walk around my new neighborhood if I just feel like being a grouch. Hell, maybe "training" for a 60 mile walk will help me lose the pounds I will put on by ovarian pac-man, chemo and too many cookie baskets. Either way, I decided I am going to do this walk. Alan's going to do it with me. We're doing the Atlanta one from Oct 20-22. That should be right about the time I'm finishing up treatment, so I'll probably be the poster kid- all bald and sexy. Hopefully it will be a chance to celebrate my success and help others. I have seen first hand why research is so damn important- this is the least I can do.

So expect the fundraising email to hit your mailboxes some time in the next few months. Between the two of us Alan and I have to raise like $4500. We also started a team- Team Courtney- original, I know. A couple people have mentioned the possibility of joining Alan and I for the weekend and walking with us. I can't tell you how much that would mean to me. so if you think you might like spending a wonderful fall weekend in the South, being all inspirational and shit, drop me an email. I'll bring the sweet tea.

And for everyone, please check out

It's been a long day- I need a drink. Are bloody mary's part of the training plan?


Anonymous said...

You rock, girl.
Would you mind posting the fundraising info on your blog, too? I think plenty of people would want to contribute--you'd raise that $4500 in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,

You stole my idea!!! well so did millions of others, currently knowing 4 people with breat cancer. A group of us (vikki, rach and zoe, fiona and i) are doing the Bristol half marathon sunwalk on the 9th july.

Same but different. So get training.....

Claire x

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome Courtney. Don't be discouraged, though, if chemo turns your 60 Mile Walk into a 60 Feet and Sit Down Again Walk :-) That's one thing I really should have done more of during chemo (walking). I've read that walking around the block, etc., during chemo can really make a difference. My lack of fitness now post-chemo is a big pain in the ass, as, again, I wish I'd made a goal like this.

susie said...

I did the walk four years ago and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Doing this will be therapeutic (because you need more therapy?) both mentally and physically. Just say the word and I will start a fundraising campaign for you!