Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Warning: Sorority Pref Nite Tears Ahead!

Danger! Danger! Kleenex needed. Splotchy face. If you are all that girl (or guy) that cries- I would advise not watching this at work. Oh, hell- if you don't have cancer maybe this will just look like an erectile disfunction commerical with funny subtitles. (When you see the pristine scenery you'll understand. Side effects are mild to moderate. Please consult a physician if tears last longer than 3 hours.)

When I was first diagnosed, (or dx'ed as the lingo goes) I was sent this link. I probably watch it a few times a week. It's kinda long, and I gotta say, as a "ahem"- musician sort of in my past life, I gotta tell you I think the tempo is a bit slow. But it's pretty moving. The song on the movie was also played at my wedding (and about 4 million and 7 others) so it reminds me of that. I cannot watch it without tears. It's the good tears, though. Thought I'd share it. It's about 5 minutes long and take a minute or two to load. Feel free to pass it on to anyone. It's not like I have rights over the thing.


I may have cancer. But cancer doesn't have me.


Anonymous said...

Courtney, you big softy, that's a good movie. I like the part about the blessings cancer brought. I think that's true for me.

Try this link sometime, I went back to it a couple times a week during treatment:


Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney. Must say that this site is quite an eye opener!! But, like Claire said, its your Maria, deal with it your way, we'll support you, whatever you chose to do. Reading it is a way for us to stay in the picture. Don't stop writing. Its the nearest we get to you. We'll be over in 11 weeks, by then you'll be well down the line of recovery.Let the dogs love you, as you said, they are always understanding. Take out your feelings on those who can rationalise it. Its what friends, family and partners are for. Thinking of you, Sue & Mike